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Small batch, autonomously engaged, hand-made craftsmanship; imagine an environment where your needs and desires are deliberately and entirely catered by an individualist nurtured system of heuristic creation. Honest craftsmen would romantically connect to the fruit of their labor. This passion would imbue character and sincerity in the everyday tools of our existence. All things created by human effort would be touched by actual human emotion. Many fewer things would exist.

The idea is that paying a fair albeit higher transaction price for one motorcycle lovingly designed and crafted to span several lifetimes for reasons transcendent of mere dollars and cents is the environmentally sustainable, financially wise, life affirming choice relative to paying less for numerous Taylor-made, commoditized, economies of scale driven motorcycles over the course of your riding time-span. From the rear-view mirrored perspective, the singularity will certainly become a self-illuminating, life affirming, treasured personal heirloom; the multiplicity will bring noise, opacity and diminishing enjoyment over time as planned obsolescence naturally takes root.

Logical extension of our concept applied to each commercial choice you make results in organic minimalism. Commercial decisions necessarily would be predicated upon endearing value, structural integrity, real-world performance and permanence. A clutter free, clean environment for slimmed down, calmed down, clarified, simplified personal human integration would follow.

The key is nurtured individual heuristic actualization. The opponent is scale.


Rewind Magazine interviews Matt Chambers

The following is an excerpt from Singapore’s Rewind Magazine interview with Matt Chambers, CEO/Founder Confederate Motors, Inc.

Tim McIntyre: You have said “Through machine and brand, [we] encourage a new approach where every person is nurtured to be what they were born to be, in harmony with what’s going on inside themselves.” Why is this important?

Matt Chambers: Confederate embodies Anti-Taylorism. Frederick Winslow Taylor developed theories of human efficiency which resulted in bureaucrats trained to manage our algorithmic output. This theory diminishes heuristic creativity, which is the source of human growth and progress. Thusly, we mandate handmade craftsmanship created autonomously with acute engagement.

Tim McIntyre: What else is wrong with the state of the bike industry today?

Matt Chambers: Not enough heart; too much focus on short term cash accumulation!

Tim McIntyre: What does design integrity mean to you? What is your definition of great design? Can you cite examples?

Matt Chambers: The cornerstone of design integrity is purity expressed honestly. This can only occur through activation of individualists soulful intuition. Deep yearning and engagement are at the root of this process.

Tim McIntyre: And what does good engineering mean to you?

Matt Chambers: Perfection of structural integrity, permanent fatigue resistance, street motoring geometry, harmonious component specification with maximum torque.

Tim McIntyre: What in your opinion is the essence of a Confederate motorcycle?

Matt Chambers: Spiritually, we say contempt for ingratiation fuels humilities defeat of pride activating man-in-revolt celebrating the art of rebellion. Dynamically, Hunter S. Thompson said it best, “Being shot out of a cannon will always be better than being squeezed out of a tube.”

Tim McIntyre: Tell me a bit about the Fighter?

Matt Chambers: It expresses a direct challenge to establishmentarian thought.

Tim McIntyre: Who are your customers? Can you walk us through the buying process.

Matt Chambers: Our client is a motorcycling purist and aficionado with a love for true to concept American industrial and mechanical design. Our buying process is entirely buyer-centric. We seek gentlemanly engagement at the precise level which is most satisfactory to our client.
Tim McIntyre: What have you enjoyed most about your journey so far with Confederate motorcycles?

Matt Chambers: The best efforts of our team to deliver on the promise of organic, pure, honesty.

Tim McIntyre: And the part you’ve enjoyed the least?

Matt Chambers: The shock of hurricane Katrina and its aftermath; which, paradoxically, was what we needed to become the tough, strong company we are today.

Tim McIntyre: Looking back, is there anything you would have done different?

Matt Chambers: I have made many mistakes; my personal manner is to transparently admit my mistakes to myself, prayerfully acknowledge deeply felt contrition, seek forgiveness and, then, let it go. Repeating such emotion may deem one to a repetitive cycle.

Tim McIntyre: What’s next for man and company?

Matt Chambers: Our team has developed a new American heirloom architecture from which we derive a veritable onslaught of new modular relevant machines for the 2011, 2012, and 2013 pipeline. Because we are well-grounded by deeply nurturing ideals and principles, our new machines will explosively activate each owner’s inner man-in- revolt.


The Machine Rides Like It Looks

P120 Fighter; special edition; Combat

Celebrating the art of rebellion demands the vitality and potency expressed by Hunter S. Thompson’s metaphorical declaration that it is better to be shot out of a cannon than squeezed from a tube.

The specification is 460 lbs, each located as low within the machine as possible, powered by the most accessible 160 rear wheel horsepower and wide band 150 ft lbs of torque it is possible to create, derived with maximum immediacy and minimal drama.

The proprietary effort began with our well-proven reliable 120 cubic inch counter-shaft-balanced radial twin.  We specified state of the art porting and polishing of the heads and intake for ultra high volume, the installation of high compression forged lightweight special pistons, the creation of special stepped hand-crafted high flow stainless steel exhaust and a unique dual cam grind featuring the most delicious yet linear and controlled ramp up with equally linear and controlled low, medium and high rpm step off.  A mild starting pressure was designed into the dual cam grind.  The power resonates with pulsations and sounds befitting an ultra high output naval aircraft Fighter without any obtusive vibration, whatsoever.

The most perfect engineering solution for accessing such power is our patented flush mounted short drive vertically stacked classic Confederate five-speed.  Deployed through our new proprietary full race clutch system, the world’s toughest gearbox is carved from solid billet, braced at the output shaft by a giant outrigger bearing, supported at the swingarm pivot point by a large diameter dual threaded axle which is threaded through the inner primary, all of which is additionally supported by front and rear, left and right 3/8 inch CNC billet 6061 aircraft grade aluminum fuselage side plates each bolted to a front and rear 3/8 inch billet 6061 aircraft grade aluminum bulkhead which is additionally supported by motorcycle history’s most massive 1/4 inch wall 5 inch OD CNC billet 6061 aircraft grade aluminum backbone.  This triple load path Confederate proprietary architecture is the most torsional and bend resistant structure it is possible to create.  For those who must have the ultimate expression of American toughness, look no further.

This drag racing derived masterpiece of engineering development, coupled with our ultra compact primary belt drive and right side chain final drive creates the lightest and most direct link from your palm to the rear wheel axle.

Leanness, together with the lowest allocation of weight relative to the machine center of gravity enhance the explosive nature of each special edition Combat Fighter.  The effect is immediately appreciated when you lift the machine from its sidestand.  You feel as if you are mounting a 250 GP bike.

The perfect street machine must be entirely stable, yet full of linear, accurate, precise and completely honest communication under any and all foreseeable conditions one may encounter over a lifetime of uncharted journeys.  For over 18 years, we have focused on delivering the ultimate street motoring experience. The deepest consideration of neck, rake, trail, output shaft, swingarm pivot point, powertrain and wheel axle geometric specification has been matched precisely to the world’s most complimentary rubber, the lightest wheels, the finest brake package, the ultimate stiction free double wishbone suspension design, the finest multi-adjustable long travel coil over shocks and optimized ergonomic rider engagement maximizing unity, comfort and control.

Unique to Confederate proprietary craft sequencing allows for each Combat Fighter to be built to a standard of geometric accuracy and precision not available by other technologies.  The result is that Arabic pre-production 1, our first machine, was judged the truest and straightest motorcycle ever tested on the chassis dyno at Race Tech (measured for comparison from more than 360 machines representing samples from each of the world’s OEM providers).  Each P120 Fighter special edition Combat will be equally true and precise.

The result of this sharply focused effort is functional dynamic street motorcycling excellence.  There exists no takeaway, no compromise and no greater motoring experience.


Five Critical Elements of American Way Motorcycle Design

P120 Fighter; special edition; Combat

Pure objective individualist’s theory organically illuminated by five critical elements of honest American way motorcycle design, each etched into the very essence and soul of 25 Roman numeral and 25 Arabic special edition Combat P120 Fighters, each inspired by outside the boundaries of established order non-linear rebellion occasionally necessitated by the toughest fight you will ever fight and must keep fighting (paraphrased from ee cummings).

( I – 1 ) The communication must be fresh

Americans did not leave that from which we came, to follow. We came for discovery; we came for the opportunity of mindful clarity. Herein lies the source of honest expression. Definitionally, this purity and authenticity must and shall be unique, bold, true to concept and, necessarily, avant-garde.

( II – 2 ) The communication must transcend class

There is no pretense along the path of the American way. Neither power over others nor outward judgment therof exists. Fierce discipline, acute confidence and utter effectiveness express awareness of and mastery over self.

( III – 3 ) The communication must transcend time

An uncompromised journey of creation embarked upon for its own sake driven by sheer passion and the romance of the doing manifests an organically well born outcome which will result in tough, pure, holistic beauty.

( IV – 4 ) The communication must be skeletal

The American way is entirely open and completely honest. It is the wearing of one’s heart on the outside. There exists nothing to hide.

( V – 5 ) The communication must be minimal

The most precise, lean, simple, direct expression is American way true to concept.


Fighter Production Photos (part 1)


The first of the 50 toughest machines ever made is now being created.

It is the spring of ’78, a perfect South Louisiana graduation midnight, 70 humid degrees, top down Jensen Healy, 85 mph midway on highway 61 between Baton Rouge and New Orleans heading South for some major debauchery with the long time best friend; suddenly a dim hazy mirage of bubbling asymmetrical lighting in the rear view becomes 20+ marginal headlights surrounded by a Thor like pounding offbeat thrum rheostatically growing in volume until, in perfect formation, the sons of silence blazenly shoot past on ultra lean, stripped, triangulated forms.

An idea is planted.  Thirteen years later that idea forments into a dream.  On November 30, that dream actualizes into the ride of your life.


The Sodium Assault

Our circa ’09 Bonneville Salt Flats sojourn was the most memorable to date. Our Arabic 1 pre-production prototype fired a mere 96 hours prior to hitting the Salt.

The sodium assault was indeed hard as we ran several 155+ mph passes. Please understand that this represents a one mile average on conditions which were sticky and wet compared to the ideal. I made a call to change gearing early in the week when a bump in the rev limiter was a more appropriate choice. Had I made the right decision, it is likely we would have surpassed our own record set on the Wraith in 08. Nevertheless, a very smooth riding, easy to start, linear to modulate, vibration free, raw, naked confederate that will run 155.8 mph on wet salt is something we can all be proud of. The fact that it was accomplished on the first build of the Fighter model production run calibrating less than 10 miles on the odometer is cool. The fact that the same machines was tested on the Race Tech chassis dyno and determined to be the truest and straightest of the 360 OEM machines previously evaluated thereon is an accurate validation of the precision which our design and craft team brings to the business of creating the greatest American motorcycle it is possible to make.

The family and friends component of the annual event grew considerably this year. Conversations revolved around all manner of things, transcending the lust for speed on racing’s most hallowed ground into areas both frivolous, serious and outright amusing in a “you had to be there” kind of way.

We have a top secret game changing initiative for 2010. Please stay tuned; you will be glad you did!

salt flats 09
salt flats 09
salt flats 09
salt flats 09
salt flats 09
salt flats 09
salt flats 09

photography by Randal Crow


Photos from CM @ The Quail Lodge: A Motorsports Gathering

May 2020