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Begin with the Beginning

From the outset, the westernization of the new world was conflicted. On the one hand, was Team Goliath, representing the powerful few whose interests were driven by a lusty appetite for wealth, empire, domination of the masses, control, sex drugs rock and roll, etc. etc. etc. We’ve all been there, in one form of fantasy or another. These guys were just doing the things they wanted to do. They inherited a hierarchical structure which froze them at the top. It is pure and organic that their decisions would be driven by an insatiable desire to perpetuate this outcome.This Old World collectivist inheritence is at the core of the very many man and horrifically shameful events which haunt each of us rebels in that speical innermost space where there is no room to hide.

Enter Team David; the rebels. This is your team.

There are two very distinct types of folks which make up our squad. First, we have the puritan. This guy showed up because he wanted boundless opportunity to explore human existence nurtured by his exacting form of idealogically driven disciplines, deviation from which would be dealt with in the harshest manner imaginable.

The other folks are the cavaliers. They stand apart as the principled individualist. They are the ones who do not care what others do or say, how they act, what they believe, etc., as long as his ability to do their thing is unimpeded. They tend to be mannerly and gentlemanly; they genuinely care and have interest in those different from themselves and strive to make those in their company as comfortable as possible.

What we have is the ultimate stage for compressing our human capacity for growth.

I agree with Warren Buffet that we Americans did win the lottery when we landed here; the acceleration is exhilerating.



Manifest Destiny

Hail Caesar!
Do it to him before he does it to you!
God’s will be done!
We are the last great hope for freedom…!
Hail Caeser!

The motorcycle is certainly our known world’s perfect metaphorical statement of personal empowerment.

For us, it is the most glorious machine ever invented. When you are on this heavenly device, you are entirely vulnerable. You liberatingly adopt the presence of the naked emperor. You can’t do it to him, first! You are voluntarily taking the least volume and resources possible for the necessity of impaling yourself upon a journey, which you, and you alone, deem enhancing to your existence. You are choosing to make yourself organically visible for all to see. You are interpreting your person with an industrial design, unitizing your physical being with the most soulfully proximate thing in your world. You are transparently making the statement that your journey is paramount, not its destination. You are proving that you possess at least an element of fearlessness. You are outside the box.

This adds up to a self-evident fact; you’re a rebel. Your journey, though diverse and personal, is inclusionary with us fellow rebels in that it embraces one simple destination; TRUTH.

For fun, with levity and playfulness for all, we are giving to dialogue on this idea, living our lives entirely true to concept.

Don’t hesitate to dive in!