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In the 1950’s American Motor Company (AMC) led the industry in a new direction by staking its future on compact cars. In 1956 AMC was the only company selling compacts. A few years later almost every auto division was offering a small car. Unibody automobile architecture, the stiffer, lighter, safer method of construction (versus frame on body), having been pioneered by Nash in 1941, was used on all AMC cars by the mid-1950s. Today, nearly every car utilizes a form of unibody car architecture. AMC introduced unibody construction for SUVs in 1984. It is now the standard. As for excitement, the AMC rebel was the fastest sedan in the US in 1957.

In 1991 we began a similar pioneering journey. Today, it is hard to relate the impact the first two Hellcat prototypes generated in 1995. Those American V-Twins started a revolution in the custom world and spawned a handful of knockoffs by envious former employees. The machines featured the lightest wheels, the lightest most powerful brake systems, state-of-the-art suspension components, perfect road bike geometry, massive overbuilt frame and powertrain mounting system technology which was impervious to stress, flex and fatigue (awarded engineering patent # 005857538A for these features), the rebirth of the neo-modernist long slim fuel cell design in the now iconic complex multi-teared shape, the bold segmented floating saddle which emphasized the inherent beauty of the negative space between the single 3-inch backbone, the fuel cell and the rider’s perch, the monocoque swingarm – fender combination together with long-travel geometrically ideal shock ratios, the first wide tire specification with precise alignment and perfect balance of power delivery, the first modern application of the right-side final drive system and the first and still only architecture featuring a unified welded cradle based chassis and powertrain mounting system (through the use of our patented dual threaded swingarm axle) and our patented outboard final drive bearing support system.

As I write, we are readying production of our second act, the world’s first carbon fiber monocoque motorcycle architecture. It is fun to lead from the front.

We hereby salute the 1954 merger of Nash-Kelinator and the Hudson Car Company that created AMC. With modern information technology, those gentlemen would have enjoyed sustainable success.

For more information, please see the Hot Rod Bikes (May 1996) comparison test.



Memorial Design

We want to be as positive a factor as possible concerning that heavy inertia growing for thousands of years; incrementally we are leading to that glorious anxiety-free space; it is our not-so-distant destined future; the end of violence in all forms.  The Objective individualist, which we all are at our core, is naturally non-violent. It is the natural law of consolidated power and its unhealthy balance with force which is the problem. We make the most powerful machines on the planet. Please note the purity of the machines, their purposefulness, readyness and innocence. They are entirely covert, strong and capable. There exists no symbology which would encourage overt hostile action; perfected self-restraint and 100% disciplined control is implied. Each is its own memorial to stopping violence now, through principled objective individualism! We, somewhat satirically, call our ideologically driven design work: Hellcat, Wraith and the soon to be released Fighter.

It is the same with the magnificent Vietnam memorial. There exists huge understated power. A perfected sense of human emotion is inspired. Overt glorification is absent. The beauty is undeniable.


Legend of the Motorcycle

Our team just returned from Legend of the Motorcycle: International Concours D’Elegance at Half Moon Bay, CA.Jared has created a beautiful and sustainable event. Overall, the aesthetic is conceptually strong, honest and compelling. Jared has taken a very cool idea and executed the hell out of it. Everything from the logo, iconography, the printed material, the space, the layout and, most importantly, the people, showcases a standard of excellence that exists only when genuine emotion and care exist far beyond self promotion and personal gain.

I had a blast.

My favorite bike came as a bit of a surprise. It was a stock reel 1977 superglide. Maybe I was influenced by Mr. Davidson receiving his much deserved Lifetime Achievement award.

Please take a moment to peruse our photos from this one of a kind event in our photo gallery.



Lead From The Front

The Hellcat is a divine machine. We are at about our eightieth example. The quality is amazing. The machine is a classic beauty. It has high impact, allure, elegance, sensuality and sophistication. The best thing about her is the ride; relaxed, luxurious and controlled with world-leading torque delivered with boundless character and personality. This is one strong, tough, honest, cool machine.

The first words out of my mouth following my maiden B120 Wraith ride was “This is the best motorcycle I have ever ridden.” There is no vibration. The suspension possesses a science and engineering defiance in its ability to smoothly absorb small medium and very bad pavement irregularity. The machine weight feels like a 250 GP bike when you lift her from her stand. It shrinks around you although it is a beautifully proportioned 62 inches in wheelbase.

Torque to weight ratio is equal to the Hellcat; it is world leading, too. The riding position is extremely comfortable. The pulse, feel and tactile information is confidence inspiring, voluminous, linear, accurate and of the highest quality.

Refinement of final details is presently underway at an intense yet enjoyable pace. The result is frankly mind blowing, even for your writer, who penned the business case for her eight years ago.

These facts beg the obvious question: why are these machines so damn good? There has not been a person involved with our enterprise who had any previous vehicular design experience. There are no academic credentials pertinent to vehicular design. There exists no project management experience concerning vehicular design. There has been no utilization of outside consultancy.

Irrespective of these facts, if you parked a Hellcat and a Wraith with the best of Harley-Davidson or Victory, our machines would stand out as the leaders in design and engineering, by far.

Harley-Davidson and Victory are multi-billon dollar entities with large seasoned virtually unlimited resources.

Our resource base, by comparison, makes us David’s mini me.

Which again begs the query, how does a rag tag bunch of wanna be artists beat the hell out of America’s best educated, best funded, best managed, most experienced professionals?