Memorial Design

We want to be as positive a factor as possible concerning that heavy inertia growing for thousands of years; incrementally we are leading to that glorious anxiety-free space; it is our not-so-distant destined future; the end of violence in all forms.  The Objective individualist, which we all are at our core, is naturally non-violent. It is the natural law of consolidated power and its unhealthy balance with force which is the problem. We make the most powerful machines on the planet. Please note the purity of the machines, their purposefulness, readyness and innocence. They are entirely covert, strong and capable. There exists no symbology which would encourage overt hostile action; perfected self-restraint and 100% disciplined control is implied. Each is its own memorial to stopping violence now, through principled objective individualism! We, somewhat satirically, call our ideologically driven design work: Hellcat, Wraith and the soon to be released Fighter.

It is the same with the magnificent Vietnam memorial. There exists huge understated power. A perfected sense of human emotion is inspired. Overt glorification is absent. The beauty is undeniable.


1 Response to “Memorial Design”

  1. 1 Jim
    June 10, 2007 at 3:44 am

    Hi– I understand your attempt to explain the principled individuality in reference to the Vietnam memorial. However, it doesn’t work, and I’m left feeling that your company is making commericial advertising use of one of the most moving memorials this country has ever known. I would strongly encourage you to reconsider using any reference to the memorial. Too many people died for it. Thanks, Jim

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