Individualists Day

America’s journey has been spectacular; a triumph of the rugged individualist over the forces of collectivism.

The American state of mind, principled objective individualism, is entirely honest and contextual. So deeply burnished upon the soul of our being is this truth that it shall never parish from the core of our existence.

Problems seem so insurmountable. This has always been the case. Complexity of modern life heightens a sense of anxiety and fear. Don’t worry! There will be free thinking American solutions that will turn our problems into challenges which will be met in ways which will exceed our wildest fantasies about the glorious possibilities of our collective future.

Let us mark this year’s American birthday with the spirit of optimism and with utter confidence that the destiny of our great nation is full of hope, promise and beauty beyond our capacity to imagine!


Join us as we celebrate principled objective individualism throughout American history…


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