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The Art of Rebellion – Decoded

Pure principled objective individuality grounds our passion.

This passion is channeled through the craftworks created by the individual craft person.

This informs minimal skeletal purity.  Curvilinear, floral, organic, holistic, beauty from the art nouveau movement convergent with the discipline of Bauhaus school theory teaches, illuminates and directs application.

Primitivism is harmoniously balanced with cutting-edge technology.

Anti-establishmentarianism (opposition to collectivist tribalism with its incumbent tribal embellishment) fiercely exists.

We shall each continually reach for our aspirational self. This journey is infinite. Our unfinished nature is implied. Thusly, our body of work must lead from the front; it must be avant-garde.

Art historian Simon Schama declared, to wit: “This is what drives the very greatest art: contempt for ingratiation.” This utter contempt fuels our faith that we can enrich and inform our small family of clients, forging hopes and dreams into actualized fulfillment.