We Reap What We Sow

The most rewarding experience at Confederate always involves client engagement. Invariably, those drawn to our work are curious, self-aware, supremely confident gentlemen with a passion for and knowledge of how to live.

I recently journeyed to Mexico City for the launch of our effort in the great country of our neighbors to the south. I was a guest of one of our clients. The Secretary of State would not receive the kind, genuine and courteous regard which I was shown.

I was greeted the moment I exited the plane, conveniently expedited through customs, chaperoned in a brand new black armored AMG, checked into an uber cool boutique hotel, treated to an amazing array of European and magnificent authentic Mexican cuisine, brought backstage to explore the inner workings of Mexican theatre culture, made the subject of a press event attended by the leading Mexican television and print media, taken on a tour of the most significant parts of Old Mexico City, and helicoptered to a family owned (our clients’) ranch for breakfast with a private tour of his self-contained extraordinarily exotic personal zoo, all while basking in the presence of the many and varied glamorous beautiful women competing for the attention of our client and host (after all, he was voted the sexiest man in Mexico).

The most sustaining force in life is learning. The new friends I made on this journey accelerate my curve. I am forever in their debt.

Jaime, you are a great and formidable young man. My time with you confirms yet again that our Confederate journey is worthwhile in the extreme.



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