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Honest Machine

Motorcycle genuineness and authenticity is only derived from honesty.  This is the source of that special and entirely personal experience shared with your machine.  Harley-Davidson has it.  Clone Harleys do not.  Confederate has it.  Those who have copied us do not.

I am surrounded by our new architecture.  We are ramping up inventory.  Our third production Wraith will fire today.

The more I experience the machine the more in love I become.  It is majestic, magnificent and positively magical on the street.  No light weight (390 lbs.) machine is supposed to provide such a luxurious feel.  No machine is supposed to command absolute power with such immediacy and accuracy.  No long wheelbase machine is supposed to turn in with such ease, control, linearity and stability.  No machine is supposed to demand such positive attention in such a sophisticated, elegant, demure yet sexual manner.

The Wraith is destined to be the first great motorcycle Icon of the 21st century; an illuminating example of American rugged individualism, true to concept design, the pioneering spirit and eternal persistence.