Honest Machine

Motorcycle genuineness and authenticity is only derived from honesty.  This is the source of that special and entirely personal experience shared with your machine.  Harley-Davidson has it.  Clone Harleys do not.  Confederate has it.  Those who have copied us do not.

I am surrounded by our new architecture.  We are ramping up inventory.  Our third production Wraith will fire today.

The more I experience the machine the more in love I become.  It is majestic, magnificent and positively magical on the street.  No light weight (390 lbs.) machine is supposed to provide such a luxurious feel.  No machine is supposed to command absolute power with such immediacy and accuracy.  No long wheelbase machine is supposed to turn in with such ease, control, linearity and stability.  No machine is supposed to demand such positive attention in such a sophisticated, elegant, demure yet sexual manner.

The Wraith is destined to be the first great motorcycle Icon of the 21st century; an illuminating example of American rugged individualism, true to concept design, the pioneering spirit and eternal persistence.



3 Responses to “Honest Machine”

  1. 1 paolo
    November 13, 2007 at 9:23 am

    just a little more colour about this so true concept.
    At Milan show we have tested the real and high respect that other manufacturers, and not only bikers, have for CM motorbikes. A person told me about Wraith “this is the only bike I will remember of this show”…

  2. 2 Jon
    November 24, 2007 at 11:22 pm

    Thats the truth, nothing beats a genuine American v-twin motorcycle. Harley, Buell, Confederate are the only motorcycles you will ever catch me on…well for right now i can only afford a Buell but i can dream. Major kudos to Confederate to bad there aren’t more companies like your’s.

  3. 3 claus juel
    December 12, 2007 at 11:43 am

    Saw the Hellcat for the first time 4 yrs. ago in Hannover at a tradeshow.. Immediate love.. Thought I would never ride again after a Ducati 999S took my good health away ( actually it was a Ford Mondeo that took it while I was riding a Duc.. 🙂 ) but; had to own confederate and ride on.. So just got a 2001 Conf used bike from US out of the box last week.. Pure pleasure.. Superb handling.. And POSITIVE attention from everyone that sees it..

    It will be a nightmare to have it registered in Denmark, as they look with disgust at anything that doesnt come out of a big factory in thousands.. But no way around it.. Its LOVE, baby…

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