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Structure, timing, protocol, role truth; “who what why” of existence benefits from the abstraction perspective due to environmental complexity.

Through intense perpetual refinement, faith, confidence, positive thinking and bold action we shall evolve into uncompromised, pure, honest, transparent, holistic, minimal, avant guard, timeless, elegance overbuilt to the highest level of craftsmanship to a standard of absolute robustness.

Our work product is the creation of representational art memorializing industrial machine age truth expressed through the medium of honest American Hot Rod motoring derived from what we aspire to be.

Our cause is individual garage sanctuary; a man’s space for self-reflection, self-illumination, self-information, self-enrichment and, ultimately, acute self-awareness.

Success results in the ultimate individualist’s heirloom.

The individualist’s illuminated self-nature more accurately concentrates and focuses self-purpose from which a more fully actualized existence and an enhanced potential for immortality are derived.

Simply stated, we are like Santa Claus for guys who love stuff we love dreaming up.

We wish you, your family and friends a peaceful, healthy, joyous, spiritually uplifting Holiday season and a New Year filled with bold, confident thoughts and actions with maximum positive growth.

As ever, thank you for your support.


Contempt for ingratiation; Immortal confederacy

01. Moral human equivalence exists;
02. Tribal theory diffuses this existence;
03. Imperial control requires collectivism;
04. Collectivism mandates tribalism;
05. Tribal cohesion implies familial, geographic, religious and racial bias;
06. Violence is exalted only from a collectivist/tribal perspective;
07. Principled individualists’ mandate anti-tribalism;
08. Individualists’ theory mandating consistent disciplined gentlemanly behavior condemns violence to vulgarity;
09. Violence transformed from wickedness to vulgarity loses all attractiveness;
10. The history of collectivism is ironic;
11. Collectivism always results in hypocrisy;
12. Honest damnation beats hypocritical exaltation.

These high level confederate truths seem utopian. However, a thoughtful and considered analysis of a room full of newborn babies effectively cleanses cynical doubt as to individual human essence and nature. We are each created to make a very personal yet indelible contribution to the overall wonderment of perpetual human existence. This contribution is the core of individual actualization.

The life force of Confederate motorcycle design actualization is transparent illumination of this core.