Contempt for ingratiation; Immortal confederacy

01. Moral human equivalence exists;
02. Tribal theory diffuses this existence;
03. Imperial control requires collectivism;
04. Collectivism mandates tribalism;
05. Tribal cohesion implies familial, geographic, religious and racial bias;
06. Violence is exalted only from a collectivist/tribal perspective;
07. Principled individualists’ mandate anti-tribalism;
08. Individualists’ theory mandating consistent disciplined gentlemanly behavior condemns violence to vulgarity;
09. Violence transformed from wickedness to vulgarity loses all attractiveness;
10. The history of collectivism is ironic;
11. Collectivism always results in hypocrisy;
12. Honest damnation beats hypocritical exaltation.

These high level confederate truths seem utopian. However, a thoughtful and considered analysis of a room full of newborn babies effectively cleanses cynical doubt as to individual human essence and nature. We are each created to make a very personal yet indelible contribution to the overall wonderment of perpetual human existence. This contribution is the core of individual actualization.

The life force of Confederate motorcycle design actualization is transparent illumination of this core.



2 Responses to “Contempt for ingratiation; Immortal confederacy”

  1. 1 dennis
    December 19, 2007 at 7:27 am

    Response to “Contempt for ingratiation”, &ct.

    01. Morality and humanity are neither equivalent nor exclusive.
    02. A tribe is a social unit of individuals with common values or culture – having fundamental similarities to a confederacy, which is differentiated primarily by having a political structure or characteristics.
    03. Imperial control is a characteristic of political heirarchy, not collectivism.
    04. A whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Collectivism is both a means of efficiency and achieving greater ends than can be attained by individual effort.
    05. You forgot elitism – the most pretentious and consequently most ridiculous bias of all.
    06. Violence is often the modus operandi of the loner, as histories of serial killers demonstrate; in primitive conditions such as the breakdown of society following wars and natural disasters, tribes often provide relative safety.
    07. An apostrophe is incorrect in this usage of “individualists”.
    08. What is “disciplined gentlemanly behavior” if not conformity to a societal, i.e. tribal, value set?
    09. Does this imply that wicked violence (un-transformed to vulgarity) is attractive?
    10. The history of collectivism would be “ironic” if its result were the opposite of what was intended; however, collectivism usually results in predictable efficiencies and economies of scale.
    11. “Collectivism always results in hypocrisy” is an absurd statement.
    12. Honest damnation just may beat hypocritical exaltation.

    All this bloated, pretentious rhetoric becomes more ridiculous the longer one analyzes it, and does the Confederate motorcycle company no credit. No doubt it was written with the best intentions; however it is as unlike Hemingway as a wind-up toy to an egg.

    Confederate motorcycles are efficient, pared-down machines that Ernest Hemingway in all probablility would have admired. Keep the bs to a minimum, and let the machine speak for itself.

  2. December 20, 2007 at 10:52 pm

    Blinded by the Light

    Trust Individual spirit and intellect. Empower man to the fullest. Embrace difference. Judge no man with but one exception; reject violence in all forms as purely vulgar. Think global; act local.

    “Small” (emphasis added) private ownership of capital with minimal proximate elected political and legal governance is key. In Sir Adam Smith’s essays on the moral sentiments of man, he was clear that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Our American system, in contravention to Jeffersonian ideology, fused business with a growing centralized governmental base. The result has been diminishing spiritual and intellectual freedom. It is why, ironically, we Americans can be fooled more easily than the subjects of the empires our ancestors fled.

    We must and shall return to that essential American horsesense which our core “rugged individualism” informs. As American business and political power continues to fuse and consolidate, question establishmentarian declarations of fact and logic with increasing intensity.

    Yourself, as the re-emergent artful American rebel archetype, is entirely time appropriate. Long live pure, principled, objective individuality.

    Caning the hell out of your Confederate is the polar opposite of cramming yourself into a Tokyo subway. The former maximizes your sense of individual empowerment; the latter is self-diminishing. Thusly, our ideological foundation and our body of work are contextual and holistic.

    We are investing in research which will yield fierce, rugged American machines evolved to a state so pure as to leave no notice of themselves on our environment. This echoes the ethos of the American gentlemen; one who makes those around him as comfortable as possible. This caveat to pure, objective, individual empowerment is the only reigning in necessary.

    Dennis, thank you for your interest and enlightenment.


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