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R Trinity

Early in the process of Hellcat gestation, the term Renaissance was adopted to internally codify the research, developmental and validation effort.  Wraith design is a continuation of renaissance. Metaphorical implication of a generation of American motoring design darkness is intentional.  Our use of dead iconography (Confederate, Hellcat, Wraith) is contextual.  A collectivist spiritual void is inferred from a generation of decline in American Industrial and mechanical design moxie.  Front wheel drive, P&G marketing, Roger smith, pure retro and “factory custom” senselessness leave every committed petrolhead saddened.  This result from a culture which gave us the Dodge Brothers, the Knucklehead, Crocker, the Airflow, Duesenberg, Cord, Cadillac, Alfred Sloan, Walter P. Chrysler, Zora Arkus-Duntov, Ed Cole, Virgil Exner, Bill Mitchell, the Corvair, rugged individualism, etc.

Coming out of the darkness into the light has been an incredibly uplifting experience.  Contempt for ingratiation was willingly adopted.  Design as art created solely for the sake of beauty and illumination of the as yet unimagined was mandated.  The liberation concurrent with addressing a struggle in which one absorbingly believes fueled and turbo charged structure and ideas not derivative from mere tangible motivation.

Renovatio, our initial post-Katrina creative expression, represents architectural form language from a new transformed superior beginning.  Fluidity, our team capability to rapidly and wisely adapt to change, is evolving this innovative concept into an entirely relevant 21st century transportation solution.  This is symbolic as the conception of Renovatio is the forged magnificence of a total physical devastation at the hand of a providential Act of God.  This amazing conceptual work is presently seasoning at exactly the right pace to assure that the outcome is the American masterpiece we all desire it to be.

The middle element, code named Resurrection, has been under intense consideration and scrutiny since March 2006.  The TI Fighter is the result.  From a solid foundation and core ideology, the next generation of fierce American street motorcycle design is interpreted. This effort is flourishing as I write.  It is as fire, there is violent surge and raucous pure energy.  The TI Fighter is beyond tough and honest strength; their exists sensual yang energy in a state of pure omnipotence.  Prepare to embrace a renewed pride in the sacred American principle of pure objective individuality.