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Beauty is the splendor of truth

If you are reading this you already know that ours is a conviction brand. We lead our family of clients. Thusly, our authenticity is pure.

Our design body of work is strategic. At initial exposure, there exists high impact, a shock to the senses with a good measure of awe. A feeling of discomfort arises in the viewer. To the extent that timidity is engendered, the idea may begin to take root that the work is strange. To the extent that boldness and audacity is engendered, the idea will take root that the work is honest, straight, forward thinking and true to concept. The difference lives in the measure of self-confidence which our viewer possesses.

Irrespective of initial opinion, further in there exists allure. This fact is actual because as Plato declared, beauty is the splendor of truth. If we polled our audience of potential clients to determine what our body of work should be, our dialog would be indirect, tainted, diffused, disingenuous, untrue and irrelevant. It might be homely or it might be okay looking, but it would never rise above the status of mediocrity.

Fierce American rugged individualism grounds our strategic design effort. It is purely anti-establishment, standing in defiance of a well intentioned proxied intelligentsia who, unknowingly, organically create a one size fits all lowest common denominator. The manifestation of the ever present tension between the many of ordinary position seeking individual empowerment and the very few of extraordinary position seeking consolidation of power appears in the form and context of our machine. It is the blood of the Confederate motorcycle itself which breathes life into our eternal cerebral and spiritual rebellion. Each individual machine is a physical embodiment and transporting vessel for unique personal individual rebellion. Each encounter is a personal life-affirming, self-informing ritual of sentient enrichment.

The creative passion and romance which connects us to such a sacred emotional clarity can not be watered down. Only the most direct communication has value. The test score must equal 100% or nothing at all.