Contempt for Ingratiation | 2010

The unveiling of the 2010 Confederate P 120 Fighter — Combat edition

Contempt For Ingratiation

Contempt For Ingratiation

For us, design truth lives through transparent cultural inspiration.

Our highest goal is to design and create honest machines!

Our contextual and strategic integrity is derived from the American way.

The American way mandates the fight for self-awareness and the courage to embrace and act upon self-discovery. Thusly, one must do what one is passionate about and what one is best at. This organic alignment drives the holistic actualized existence.

Issues which relate to control over others and/or creation of profits receive no priority. Effort is organized around permanent sustainable resilience and strength.

Self-perpetuating destination benchmarks are set of their own volition. An inherent healthy incrementalism results which makes for the most exceptional journey.

Mindful nurturing leadership, not management technique, sparks the core charge of the purist (the pure objective individualist). Each team member is empowered with our vision, our values, our goals, our mission, straight-forward focus, all necessary training and tools. Thrift, brilliance and best efforts are expected. Enterprise cause must zealously fire individual purpose. Deployment is predicated upon personal initiative.

We are the rebels. Our revolt challenges established order, which, though well-intentioned, organically confounds the purist’s critical journey of self discovery.

Our ideologically and philosophically driven protocal requires a skeletal (to showcase hand-craftsmanship), minimal (to express our profound feeling of humility and honor to be enabled to design and create the machines of our dreams), fresh (to be relevant), timeless (to be sustainable), classless (to inform individual uniqueness and equivilency of specialness), strong (to be everlasting), American (to communicate anti-imperial rebellion) body of work.

When we began in the Spring of 1991, American Industrial Design was at a low point. There have been numerous effective like minded design driven turn-around efforts since. We are very proud and honored to be a small yet active participant in this movement which we feel marks the beginning of another great chapter of amazing American creativity and ingenuity.


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