Five Critical Elements of American Way Motorcycle Design

P120 Fighter; special edition; Combat

Pure objective individualist’s theory organically illuminated by five critical elements of honest American way motorcycle design, each etched into the very essence and soul of 25 Roman numeral and 25 Arabic special edition Combat P120 Fighters, each inspired by outside the boundaries of established order non-linear rebellion occasionally necessitated by the toughest fight you will ever fight and must keep fighting (paraphrased from ee cummings).

( I – 1 ) The communication must be fresh

Americans did not leave that from which we came, to follow. We came for discovery; we came for the opportunity of mindful clarity. Herein lies the source of honest expression. Definitionally, this purity and authenticity must and shall be unique, bold, true to concept and, necessarily, avant-garde.

( II – 2 ) The communication must transcend class

There is no pretense along the path of the American way. Neither power over others nor outward judgment therof exists. Fierce discipline, acute confidence and utter effectiveness express awareness of and mastery over self.

( III – 3 ) The communication must transcend time

An uncompromised journey of creation embarked upon for its own sake driven by sheer passion and the romance of the doing manifests an organically well born outcome which will result in tough, pure, holistic beauty.

( IV – 4 ) The communication must be skeletal

The American way is entirely open and completely honest. It is the wearing of one’s heart on the outside. There exists nothing to hide.

( V – 5 ) The communication must be minimal

The most precise, lean, simple, direct expression is American way true to concept.

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