less is more

Small batch, autonomously engaged, hand-made craftsmanship; imagine an environment where your needs and desires are deliberately and entirely catered by an individualist nurtured system of heuristic creation. Honest craftsmen would romantically connect to the fruit of their labor. This passion would imbue character and sincerity in the everyday tools of our existence. All things created by human effort would be touched by actual human emotion. Many fewer things would exist.

The idea is that paying a fair albeit higher transaction price for one motorcycle lovingly designed and crafted to span several lifetimes for reasons transcendent of mere dollars and cents is the environmentally sustainable, financially wise, life affirming choice relative to paying less for numerous Taylor-made, commoditized, economies of scale driven motorcycles over the course of your riding time-span. From the rear-view mirrored perspective, the singularity will certainly become a self-illuminating, life affirming, treasured personal heirloom; the multiplicity will bring noise, opacity and diminishing enjoyment over time as planned obsolescence naturally takes root.

Logical extension of our concept applied to each commercial choice you make results in organic minimalism. Commercial decisions necessarily would be predicated upon endearing value, structural integrity, real-world performance and permanence. A clutter free, clean environment for slimmed down, calmed down, clarified, simplified personal human integration would follow.

The key is nurtured individual heuristic actualization. The opponent is scale.


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